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  • On-Site Conversion


    Our country is located at the intersection of many fault lines. For this reason, it is very unlikely that the buildings constructed have the desired values. The process of transforming earthquake risk areas into new living spaces in a controlled and systematic manner is called urban transformation. Demolition of the detached building determined to be risky according to the scope of urban transformation and rebuilding it in the same area is expressed as on-site transformation.


    To determine if a building is risky, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has authorized engineers, architects and construction companies. As Aynam Group, we provide on-site conversion services to demolish and rebuild risky buildings.


    With on-site transformation services, we aim to minimize the damage caused by disasters that may occur as a result of natural disasters. We ensure that not only buildings with risk of collapse are recycled but also living spaces are rebuilt from scratch. We provide support with our on-site transformation services for the construction of social activity areas, shopping malls, parks and cultural centers, and the increase of livable living spaces so that people can live in a healthy and prosperous life.


    We enable people to live in comfortable living spaces by constructing highly earthquake resistant and modern luxury buildings with extremely safe social facilities. We support you to continue your life safely by building buildings with new designs and features that will allow you to use social facilities as you wish.


    Aynam Group contributes to the disappearance of urbanization by building buildings with modern architecture with a more aesthetic and stylish appearance.

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