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    As Aynam Group, we provide consultancy services for the implementation of many projects, using quality materials at the most affordable price, to make and inspect the structures safely and to minimize the mistakes made. We provide consultancy in areas such as urban transformation applications, real estate valuation, contracting, settlement and joint decision, expropriation and purchasing.


    As Mirror Group, we provide consultancy services by presenting the projects of your construction works, obtaining the approval of the municipality, and presenting them in progressive reports from all infrastructure applications to construction delivery. The realization of livable turnkey structures that provide all the necessary procedures for the implementation of your construction projects with both quality materials and the highest level of designs is among the main objectives of Aynam Group. In all our activities, we focus on customer satisfaction and show the necessary determination to complete your project in the fastest time. As a company that abides by laws respecting nature, we display a modern innovative attitude.


    If you are wondering how to get consultancy service from our company, the logic of contracting lies at the basis of consultancy service. If you choose our company as your consultant, the contract is prepared first. In the contract prepared, all the work to be done both rough and fine, piece work and details are included. The workmanship and prices of the materials used are presented to you by contract. All transactions made are invoiced. We offer the most suitable contracting services for you at the most affordable prices. We control the work as a control engineer until the construction work is completed.

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