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    We all have a story. The enthusiastic and surprising quests we have given to close the gap between our dreams and our lives ... Mine is not different from these. I asked myself how wonderful living spaces can be created for the eighth wonder of the world like Istanbul. First, I wanted to build houses for myself, my children and my future, which are in harmony with nature and close to the center of the city and that will make you feel the warmth of an ancient home. Because I knew that whether he was a king or a shepherd, the person who found peace in his home was the happiest person in the world. I did this for myself and my family. Now I am sharing this wonderful experience with you. Now is the time to decide together what kind of living space we will choose for you.
    I got to know home work in 1986, exactly when Şehr-i Fatihân made a great leap forward in becoming a metropolis. I do not call this building on purpose, because a logic like build and get rid of horse never meets this spirit. This is the story of fine craftsmanship, from the scaffold plan to meticulous masonry, from functional room planning to aesthetic interior decoration. I offer you not cold walls, but hand-made homes. Come, whatever housing I want for myself, let's do it better for you.
    Come to your home that will make you live, not aging.
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